Feel Better In Your Own Skin

Dr. Howard T. Bellin, the world renowned plastic surgeon and professor of dermatology, is internationally famous for making the most beautiful faces and bodies in the world even more beautiful. Over the years many of his patients asked him to help them reduce the appearance of their stretch marks.

Before now there has been no dermatological answer, and treating stretch marks with lasers provides uncertain and in many cases undesirable outcomes. Thousands of people have heartbreaking stories of how stretch marks affect their daily lives and how they’ve tried every product and technique available on the market, unfortunately with little or no success.

Without any effective treatment to offer, Dr. Bellin was unable to help them. He made it his mission to seek a solution for his patients’ problems, and put together an international group of scientists and skin care experts under the guidance of a world famous chemist known for formulating secret cosmetic products for the stars. Two years of intense research testing various formulations produced a body cream that could be called a miracle cream.

For the first time in over 35 years of practice, Dr. Bellin puts his name and reputation on a cosmetic product. He is very proud to introduce this revolutionary skin care line.

Dr. H. Bellin Swiss Skin Care cosmeceutical body cream dramatically reduces the appearance of stretch marks and scars: Scar & Stretch Mark Body Cream. Research showed that the core mixture of this revolutionary cream not only helps with stretch marks but also improves the appearance of the skin with scars and wrinkles. With that knowledge at hand the scientists used the same formulation with over 40 highly powerful and effective ingredients proven to be so successful in fighting stretch marks, scars and wrinkles. They created a luxurious face and eye cream that helps minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pores and dark spots, has a lifting and ultra firming effect and helps with puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. All in One Face Cream and All in One Eye Cream. As an additional bonus, all three products contain a rare and most intensely potent moisturizing agent keeping the skin hydrated for 24 hours a day.

Dr. H. Bellin Swiss Skin Care is a luxurious but affordable necessity for every woman who strives to have the most beautiful skin possible by dramatically improving its appearance and combating future free radical damage.

Why does everybody want this product? Answer: It really works and delivers the results it promises!